Wolf Wing (Military Dog Wing)

PULADA – Wolf Wing (nickname for Military Dog Wing)

The Combat Training Centre in Malaysia has the responsibility of training the Malaysian Army’s working dogs which are only used for professional purposes. The Training Centre has their own Vet, Major Azlina binti Manshor. Doctor Azlina hails from Kedah and studied veterinary science for seven years at the {correction University Putra Malaysia} (UPM) near Kuala Lumpur.

Major Azlina joined the Army because she found it interesting and due to the influence of her Father who served the Army himself. Major Azlina’s first job was looking after ceremonial horses for the ceremonial squadron at Sungai Buloh. She has now been taking care of the health of the Army’s working dogs for seven years. She enjoys the work as dogs are friendly animals and she is more comfortable working with dogs than horses.

Major Azlina is married with three children. She hopes to go to Australia and visit a Vet School. Major Azlina feels that the strong relationship with the Australian Defence Force is a good thing as it provides new professional opportunities and the chance to meet people from another Army. Major Azlina hopes to continue caring for dogs professionally as she feels it’s important work for the Malaysian Army.