Visit to Pustakmar by NDU Midshipman

Visit to PUSTAKMAR by National Defence University Midshipman 25 Aug 2016

LCDR Ben Dalton of the Royal Australian Navy is a seconded officer to the Royal Malaysian Navy Maritime Warfare Tactical Training Centre (Pusat Taktikal Maritim).

PUSTAKMAR recently hosted a visit by 60 Midshipman currently training at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (National Defence University), in Kuala Lumpur. The trainee officers are visiting various establishments as part of their professional studies, prior to graduating from UPNM later this year.

The visit to PUSTAKMAR included a brief on the role of the centre, a presentation by LCDR Dalton on the importance of the Malaysia-Australia Defence relationship, and a tour of the facilities. Trainees were from all officer specialisations, including Seaman, Engineering, and Logistics.

M-ADAA members extend their best wishes for the upcoming graduation, and their future employment in the Fleet.