Visit to Deputy Fleet Commander RMN

The Australian Assistant Defence Advisor (Commander Douglas Griffiths, RAN), and Staff Officer Grade One Malaysia-Australia Joint Defence Programme (Lieutenant Colonel Paul Sanderson), took the opportunity recently to visit Lumut Naval Base and meet with key several Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) officers. The visit included a courtesy call on the RMN Deputy Fleet Commander (First Admiral Abu Bakar bin Mohd Ajis, RMN), visits to the RMN Maritime Tactical Centre (PUSTAKMAR), and KD SULTAN IDRIS I (KDSI I), and a tour of the Chief of Navy Galleries at KD PELANDOK.

The call on the Deputy Fleet Commander provided an opportunity to discuss future training opportunities between the two navies, while the visit to PUSTAKMAR allowed the Australian delegation to meet with the unit’s Commanding Officer (Captain Fadhil bin Abdul Rahman, RMN) and the Malaysia-Australia Joint Defence Programme seconded officer (LCDR Ben Dalton, RAN). Commanding Officer KD PELANDOK (Captain Rosli bin Abd Ghani, RMN) graciously led a tour of CN Galleries.

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