Smokey Bandit

…And here she is, the Smokey Bandit herself, MAJ Patricia Yapp Syau Yin from the RMAF, has landed at M-ADAA.

Asia’s FIRST FEMALE MiG-29 Fighter Pilot !!


MAJ Patricia Yapp will be attending the Australian Defence College Preparatory Course at the Defence International Training Centre before commencing the ACSC in 2018 at the Australian Defence College in Canberra.

The ACSC(J) is a 46-week post-graduate military course for mid-career military officers and selected officers of the Australian Public Service conducted at the Australian Defence College Weston campus, Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. The aim of the ACSC(J) is to develop critical thinking and analytical skills with a joint and inter-agency focus. The course provides the opportunity for those students with the requisite English language skills and academic aptitude to undertake a Masters of Military and Defence Studies from the Australian National University.

Heartiest Congratulations and Well Done ! Wishing you all the best in the future of your career, MAJ Patricia.

You Go Girl !! 

(Think I just heard GPCAPT Wendy Horder go WOOT! WOOT! )