Project Sister Squadron

Official Visit Central Flying School, RAAF and Instructor Training Institute (LIT), RMAF — 17 Mar 2017

RMAF has hosted the 8th RMAF – RAAF Air Staff Talks held on 25-28 September 16 in Kuala Lumpur. Deputy Air Force Commander, Lt Gen Dato ‘Sri Abdul Samad bin Ackbal RMAF was chairing the meeting. One of the agenda of the meeting agreed to establish a program is Sister Squadron. Program Sister Squadron aims in principle to establish a good relationship between the two training centers that fly Instructor Training Institute Airport (LIT) and the Central Flying School (CFS).

To realize the goals of the program and seeking direction Term of Reference (ToR), the RMAF has made an official invitation to the RAAF Training Command and CFS RAAF Air Force College. The visit lasted from 13 to 17 March 2017. CFS representatives present RAAF is WGCDR Roland Morscheck, Commanding Officer of CFS RAAF and FLTLT Andreas Jacobs, Inspecting Officer CFS RAAF.

On the first day of the visit, Vice CFS RAAF has made a courtesy call on the Commander of the Air Force College, Director Brig Gen Dato ‘Johnny Loh Kok Kong RMAF.

Next, on the second day of the RAAF CFS representatives attended the briefing and discussion Sister Squadron at the Meeting Room of the College. The focus of discussion for the program is concerned with the direction of the Term of Reference (ToR) Squadron Sister program, forms of cooperation and exchange of ideas that will be shared as well as the benefits of outcome for both parties.

On the third day, RAAF CFS representatives visited Pulatibang Pulatibang 1 and 2. The purpose of the visit is to explain the function of the flight training center located at the Air Force College. In addition, they also brought to the Flight Training Device (FTD) for aircraft EC 120B and PC-7 Mk II. Both CFS representatives also had the opportunity to fly the plane PC-7 Mk II with the Commanding Officer Major Muhammad Amir bin Abdullah and Major Mohd Hafiz bin Abu Bakar RMAF. Before the departure of the RAAF CFS representatives have visited the places around the city of Alor Setar.

As a result of the visit, some of the decisions and direction of Sister Squadron program have been identified and it’s a lot benefit the elite and CFS RAAF. Moreover, with the program of the visit, it has become the cornerstone of cooperation programs that have been planned in the future.

We wish Sister program Squadron policy objectives can be achieved and it will impact and benefit both for the development and improvement of both the training center instructors.