New member shares Duntroon experiences


We are delighted to share the experience of one of our new members, SCDT Syed Muhamad Nabil, who is currently in training at Royal Military College-Duntroon (RMC-D). Below is a short profile of SCDT Syed and his experience at RMC-D in his own words :-

SCDT Syed Muhamad Nabil is an officer cadet from the Malaysian Army Academy, selected to undergo training at the Royal Military College–Duntroon (RMC–D) in Canberra, Australia. He is also a member of M-ADAA.

SCDT Syed says “The training here at RMC-D has an emphasis on a sense of urgency. Cadets train to meet very short timings and get used to completing multiple tasks under time constraint. This is beneficial because as future officers, we must be able to analyse situation, planning and make decision under stress and short period of time, and also we learn teamwork by helping each other out and use the buddy system to complete the task.”

He recently completed Initial Cadet Training (ICT) for seven weeks at Camp Blake, Majura Training Area, Canberra. The aim of ICT was to train new entries in the basic military skills such as marksmanship, navigation, RATEL, field craft and section level patrolling and tactics. This gives cadets the fundamentals and basic soldier skills to set them up for success post III Class. He added “I was excited to have the chance and experience using night fighting equipment (NVG, NAD, NWS). Moreover, we did a lot of shooting in four firing positions, at different distances, at static and moving targets using F88 Austeyr and F89 LSW. The most exciting part of ICT was the High Explosive package, where we get to shoot 40mm Grenade Launcher attachment and throw live F1 grenades.”

“The hospitality is excellent. As a Muslim, I have no trouble practicing my beliefs as Halal food is always available at the mess, even the ration packs are Halal when we were out field. Furthermore, the staff allows the Muslim cadets to attend Friday prayer, and spare us a room to conduct daily prayers during ICT. This shows to me how respectful the Australian Army is to their fellow foreign cadets. I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me to come and train here at RMC–D. I am doing my best each day to learn and perform to the best that I could, knowing that I represent Malaysia and the Army.”