Navy to Navy Talks

The Navy to Navy Talks was recently held from the 7th to 10th of August 2017 at the HMAS Penguin Conference Centre, Middle Head, Sydney. The talks are part of the bilateral relationship between Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

The N2NT are to address strategic and policy issues unique to both countries in support of the Malaysia Australia Joint Defence Programme (MAJDP), to strengthen existing mutual cooperation and understanding of each other’s strategic concerns, focus and plan of action in addition to facilitate mutually determined levels of engagement.

The N2NT was chaired by Rear Admiral Datuk Khairul Anuar bin Yahya (Assistant Chief of Staff Operations and Exercises RMN HQ) along with Commodore David Greaves Laver RANR (Chief of Staff Navy Strategic Command) along with senior officers from both navies as listed below;

Malaysian Delegation:

1. Colonel Mohd Nazri bin Abdul Rahman (Defence Adviser to Australia).
2. Cdr Suhaimi bin Jumahat RMN (SO 1 International Relations RMN HQ).
3. Cdr Wan Zaihan bin Wan Mat RMN (Head of Human Resource RMN Submarine HQ).
4. Cdr Siddiq Sivaraman bin Narayanan RMN (Head of Maintenance Management RMN Submarine HQ).
5. Lt Cdr Mohd Faries bin Mohd Nasir RMN (RMN Exchange Officer to HMAS Watson).

Australian Delegation:

1. Captain Michael Manfield, RAN (Director Submarine Policy and Plans).
2. Commander Glen Miles, RAN (Deputy Director Submarine Operations).
3. Commander Richard Caton, RAN (Deputy Director Navy International Engagement).
4. Lieutenant Commander Michael Doncaster, RAN (Staff Officer Navy International Engagement).
5. Lieutenant Colonel Paul Sanderson (SO 1 Malaysia Australia Joint Defence Program).
6. Ms Lauren Harris (Policy Officer Malaysia, International Policy Division).
7. Ms Katrina Walsh (Staff Officer Visits).
8. Ms Rhianon Westhorp-Janz (Graduate Navy International Engagement).

The delegates also visited HMAS Penguin, HMAS Watson as well as an office call to the office of the Chief of Staff HQ and a tour of the LHD HMAS Adelaide during the talks.

Special thanks to LtCDR Mohd Faries bin Mohd Nasir RMN for providing the writeup of the talks and photos as attached.