M-ADAA’s newest member for 2018

In addition to the Seconded Officers, we have Lieutenant Muhamad Helmi bin Jasan Ahpandi who is also M-ADAA’s newest member as we roll into 2018.

Lieutenant Muhamad Helmi bin Jasan Ahpandi RMN will be attending the Introduction to Navy Engineering Practice (INEP) Course followed by the Marine Engineering Officer Course (MEAC) at HMAS Cerberus, Victoria.

The course will be preceded by a one-week familiarisation course at the Defence International Training Centre (DITC), RAAF Williams Victoria.

The INEP course is the first course and the MEAC is the second course in the Engineering Officer Application Course (EOAC) training continuum. The EOAC continuum aims to produce a graduate Marine Engineering or Weapons Electrical officer who is equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes relevant to the RAN Marine Engineering Branch such that he/she is capable of starting the sea phase of their marine Engineering Certificate of Competency.

Congratulations, Sir. Wishing you all the best along with an enjoyable and memorable stay in Australia.

Commander Douglas Griffiths RAN, Australian Assistant Defence Adviser seen here presenting Lieutenant Muhamad Helmi with his M-ADAA member’s coin.