Happy Birthday 10th Royal Rangers

1 April 1980 – Happy Birthday – 10th Royal Rangers Battalion

The 10th Battalion was officially formed on New Year’s Day 1980, however the battalion nucleus was only formed on 1 April 1980 at Wade Wing, KEMENTAH. Upon the formation, it was based twice at Sarawak and once at Peninsula,and their bases are:

Camp Tasik Emas,Bau (April 1980 – October 1991)
Syed Putra Camp,Ipoh (Formerly known Sulva Lines Camp;January 1988 – October 1991)
Camp Oya,Sibu (November 1991 – July 1995)
Muara Tuang Camp, Kota Samarahan, Kuching (Present)

In 1995, the 10th Rangers was dissolved with the 11th Rangers due to the restructuring of the Armed Forces by year 2000. However, in 2008, the 10th Rangers was reinstated and re-stationed at Sarawak. It is designated as a Light Infantry Battalion.

Rejimen Renjer DiRaja is the only regiment or corps in the Malaysian Army that is authorised to wear the black hackle as part of their uniform. Also, unlike other units, the No.3 uniform (office duty) has black buttons and Gun Metal pips instead of the standard green buttons and pips of the Malaysian Army.

Unlike in other units of the Malaysian Army, a private-rank soldier in the Rangers battalion is addressed as ‘Ranger.’ In the Rejimen Gerak Khas, a commando formation, a private is addressed as Trooper as well as in the Royal Armoured Corps. In the Royal Engineers Regiment, a private is known as Sapper, while in the Royal Artillery Regiments a private is addressed as Gunner. For the rest of the Malaysian Army, a private-rank soldier is addressed as Private.

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