Exchange Officer at School of Infantry

Here’s another M-ADAA member feature, Capt. Mohamad Aziz bin Ahmad Azhar’s perspective as a Malaysian Army Exchange Officer at School of Infantry during his time in Australia :-

Capt Mohamad Aziz bin Ahmad Azhar was selected as the Malaysian Army Exchange Officer at School of Infantry between the period of 2015 and 2016. He operated as a member of the SOI Platoon Team. “It is a great opportunity to work with one of the best armies in existence which has deep traditions and has been successful in most of the major conflicts in the contemporary world.”

He describes the secondment period in Australia as the best posting in all the years of his service. “SOI’s staff and the instructors are keen and focused in their instruction. Needless to say, the level of professionalism of instructor at SOI is unparalleled.”

He also mentioned that Australian Infantry trainees are tough as granite and solid as rocks. “The trainees are really dedicated to their training. In spite of overwhelming tasks and exhaustion, they still manage to maintain their zeal and keep a good sense of humour throughout.”

Besides instructing at SOI, CAPT Azhar is also a member of Australian Defence Running and Athletic Association (ADRAA) and participated in major running events Australia-wide.

Furthermore, Capt Azhar added that the defence relationship between the two countries under the Malaysian Australia Joint Defence Program (MAJDP) will always be militarily beneficial for both countries. Capt Azhar will end his secondment period at the end of 2016 and resume his duties with Malaysian Army in 2017.

Photos are of Capt. Mohamad Aziz Azhar during his time at School of Infantry and also with the Australian Chief of Army – Lieutenant General Angus Campbell