Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program

Here are M-ADAA’s latest members from the Malaysian Ministry of Defence and including the Armed Forces who will have 5 members undertaking the Defence Cooperation Scholarship Program (DCSP) in 2018. The DCSP is a full-time study offer by the Australian Department of Defence, at the post graduate level (e.g. Graduate Diploma or Masters) at Australian universities for Defence focused or relevant courses.

They are, MAJ Muhamad Asnuri bin Karoji (Army), CDR Shaiful Fadzli bin Ismail (RMN), Ms Nurliyana binti Mohamed Nor (Defence Civilian), LTCOL Rengiah Sinnathamby (RMAF) and LTCOL Sharidan bin Nemad (RMAF).

MAJ Muhamad Asnuri is heading to the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane to undertake a Masters program in Engineering Management.

CDR Shaiful Fadzli is heading to the Wollongong University to undertake a Masters program in Maritime Policy.

Ms Nurliyana is heading to University of Melbourne to undertake Masters of Public Policy and Management.

LTCOL Rengiah is heading to RMIT University to undertake Masters of Engineering (Airworthiness).

Congratulations to everyone and M-ADAA wishes everyone all the best in their respective courses of study and future undertakings.