Capt. Ahmad Faisal Muda at School of Armour

The M-ADAA spotlight this time around is on Capt. Ahmad Faisal Muda who is posted at the School of Armour.

A big thank you to MAJ, AR Jason G. Dudley for the short write up on Capt. Ahmad Faisal below. Do spend some time to go over the fantastic photos that are accompanied with a brief description.

CAPT Ahmad Faisal Muda was posted to the School of Armour in January 2015. Despite a challenging operational tempo, instructing on at least six M113AS4 APC courses each year, CAPT Faisal maintains a positive attitude, and is very proud to be a member of the Puckapunyal community, the Combined Arms Training Centre, and the School of Armour. CAPT Faisal, working together with other members of Tactics Wing and the Combined Arms Training Centre, in particular with instructors from the School of Infantry and School of Artillery, provides some of the best combined arms training for Armoured Fighting Vehicle crewmen in the world.