Australia-Malaysia Joint Defence Program

This time in history – Australia and Malaysia Joint Defence Program – 19 February 1992

The MAJDP, which was formally entered into on 19 February 1992, provides a framework for a range of bilateral defence interactions between the two countries across areas including strategic, operational, professional and non-military cooperation. The MAJDP also provides opportunities for training and professional exchanges, with Malaysian Officers currently seconded in Australia and Australia Officers currently seconded in Malaysia.

Australia and Malaysia share a long history of defence cooperation, predating Malaysian independence. Cemented on the battlefields of World War II, the Malayan Emergency and the Confrontation, and further developed through the Five Power Defence Arrangements and the MAJDP, have matured to become one of Australia’s strongest defence relationships.

On November 22, 2015 Malaysia and Australia agreed to elevate their relationship into a Strategic Partnership.