ADF Humanitarian Operations Seminar

Congratulations to Malaysia’s two representatives, CDR Ahmad Sani bin Zakaria RMN, representing the Royal Malaysian Navy and CDR Rosli bin Rejab RMN, also from the Royal Malaysian Navy, representing the Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre, who will be attending the ADF Humanitarian Operations Seminar (HOS) which will be held from the 11th – 18th August 2017 at the Australian Defence Force Peace Operations Training Centre.

The course has been developed to provide a forum for open discussion between military, government, non government, civilian and overseas personnel, on the multi dimensional aspects of current Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster relief (HOS) operations.

The aim of the 2017 HOS is to familiarise selected ADF personnel, as well as other Government and Non-Government Agencies, and International Defence Partners, with current and future factors influencing national participation and responses to HOS operations.

Both gentlemen are seen here being presented with their M-ADAA members medallion by ADA CMDR Doug Griffiths RAN.