MAJDP June departures

A total of 5 officers visited The Australian High Commission Kuala Lumpur recently for their pre-departure briefing before heading to Australia under the MAJDP program. Please welcome 5 new M-ADAA members.

Lieutenant Colonial Nor Mohamad Jilis bin Johari and Major Hamili bin Hamdan will be attending the UN Peace Operations Course. Lieutenant Mohamad Najib bin Mohamad Nor Azli will be attending the Royal Australian Navy Advanced Combat Survivability and Damage Control Instructor Course. Officer Cadet Syed Muhamad Nabil bin Syed Hassan will be attending the Royal Military College General Service Appointment First Appointment Course. Lieutenant Muhammad Erffan bin Yusof will be attending Royal Australian Navy H2 Hydrographic Surveying Course. CPO Mohd Jeffri bin Zolkifli will be attending the Tri-Service Physical Training Instructor Course.

We wish them well during their time in Australia and welcome to M-ADAA.