Malaysians in Australian Defence Force Peace Operations Training Centre (ADF POTC)

Maj Gobala with his team during communication and navigation exercise (UNMEoM)

Since its announcement in 2008, JMAPTI (Joint Malaysia Australia Peacekeeping Training Initiative) has strongly fostered collaboration between Malaysian Peacekeeping Centre (MPC) and the ADF Peacekeeping Operation Training Centre. Both centres has worked together to share experiences and deliver peacekeeping training in the region. Personnels from MAF and ADF have attended peacekeeping courses and seminars at both centres. There has been numerous Directing Staff exchange on courses at both centres. MPC DS has also been part of the ADF POTC Mobile Training Team (MTT).

This year begins a new era where a MAF officer is seconded to POTC as a Directing Staff. On 18th May 2015, Maj Gobalakrishna Govindasamy reported to POTC as the exchange DS from MAF. He has served two UN missions, UNPROFOR in Bosnia Herzegovina as contingent member from June 1994 to March 1995 and MONUC in DR Congo as a military observer from September 2009 to September 2010. He has been in the business of training since 1998 having served as instructor, DS and SO2 Training at Royal Military College, PULADA, Army College and Army Field Command.

This year also saw 2 MAF officer attending courses at POTC. Lt Col Mohd Haryzal Ismail attended the United Nation Staff Officer Course (UNSOC) from 1st Aug to 23rd Aug 2015. Maj Rafizin Kamarudin attended the United Nations Military Expert On Mission (UNMEoM) from 31 Aug to 25 Sept 2015. Both the courses were run at RAAF Williamtown, Newcastle.

JMAPTI has allowed for POTC and MPC to have Directing Staff exchanges. This year, Lt Col Normohamad Jilis bin Johari from MPC was attached to POTC for both the UNSOC and UNMEoM courses. As Lt Kol Jilis has been to POTC as a DS last year, he was deployed as the Training Development Officer for both the courses this year. He will also be the Course Manager for the UNMEoM course that will be conducted for the first time in MPC later this year.

POTC also hosted Kol Jamaluddin Jambi the Commandant of MPC for a working visit to POTC from 17 to 21 Sep 2015. It was the first visit by Kol Jamaludin to POTC and gave him an insight on how things are run at POTC. The visit was also a good opportunity for the Commandant to see how the UNMEoM course is run at POTC since MPC will run its own UNMEoM course in November. Kol Jamaluddin also visited the ADF Majura Training Area to see the conduct of EX NIMMO which was a bull ring style practical training on first aid, navigation, communication, negotiation, verification, observation and reporting.

Article written by Major Gobalakrishna Govindasamy who is currently in Australia under the MAJDP program.